Barb Phillips, Megan Alexander, Joe Herman, Sara Heeley, Marianne Colsch, Alicia Penton. Not Pictured: Jenny Bruins, Jamie Champion, Shannon Jones, Luke Speltz
Thank you Poppy Photography By Chelsy for capturing this group's spirit!

Meet the Foundation

Meet the Foundation: this tireless group of Van Meter volunteers are kick-starting a fund-raising campaign to construct a new library building, replacing the 1,100 square foot of space in use since 1980. With the critical role libraries play in communities, it is essential to increase public awareness and support of the value, impact, and services that are provided by investing in the future of our library.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Its stated purpose is to raise money to enhance the Van Meter Library and programming it has to offer all children, teens and adults of our community. The Foundation’s fund-raising efforts are supported through contributions from individuals and businesses in the community.